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- Cultivating naturally powerful connections -

N. N. Nelson understands the power of connection formed by a unique story that offers a sense of familiarity and simplicity allowing the reader to immerse themselves in a new literary experience. Each creative offering reveals something innovative, and often overlooked, about the moment in history that the creator/author, audience, and even the characters are being formed to come to life. Take part of the evolving literary tapestry that N. N. Nelson is culminating to present to the world. 

Now is the time for a new story be told.

Narrative Spotlight

A New Voice with Purpose

APPROVED COVER Sweetest Chocolate (625 x 1000 px) ebook cover.png

The Sweetest Chocolate

N. N. Nelson

The Sweetest Chocolate communicates the hopes, dreams, and prayers that parents have for their daughters. It sets a tone of faith, joy, and togetherness that is creatively spun into each word and image. A modern story within a story that celebrates family and community, and shares a mother's hope for the future of her own little girl.

Story Book

"Your story possesses a spirit that breathes life into the world. With each word shared, you encourage future generations to live boldly."

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